Monday, January 19, 2009

Awake: Never trust a doctor

Clayton Beresford Jr. (Hayden Christensen) is smart, attractive and successful. With just 22 years is his half of New York.

But the young tycoon is seriously ill, a year ago, he waits for a donor heart. Ironically, in his wedding night, the redemptive call from the clinic.

Clays initial euphoria, however, tilts on the operating table in sheer horror, when the anesthesia in all motor functions, but not his consciousness paralyzed sets. Unable to make itself felt, he is awake with its own operation. Worse: He must listen to what his goal really pursue doctors ...

The idea behind the film is really very exciting, but it is "Awake" a little too much time to the actual plot in motion. The important moment of recognition Clays on the operating table comes after a proposed half-hour.

But then suddenly the mercilessly suspenseful thriller. Above all, Hayden Christensen is brilliant in the lead role, while Jessica Alba as his wife is not just a big impression and Terrence Howard has little opportunity to show what he can.

One highlight, however, is Lena Olin as a mother with her Clays haunting game.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

London To Brighton: Hunted innocence

Exactly 24 hours has Derek time to Kelly and Joanne to obtain again. He was in fact the London street prostitutes and the little runaway to his main customer was. The rich Perversling with special needs was once again very young, fresh meat is required.

And the 12-year-old Joanne urgently needed money. Now the girl and her unusual defender on the run. In 24 hours, someone atone for what happened ...

"London to Brighton" is an intense drama that is a part of human existence shows that you would prefer to hide. The low-budget film, with only 80,000 pounds sterling was created, tells a grim story and uses a structural review at the end leaves open, so the two women to flee replayability.

Occasionally there are scenes of absolute brilliance, the unexperienced viewers a glimpse into the soul of people who do terrible things to survive.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Kaspian of Narnia

Magical fantasy spectacle..

One year after the incredible adventure of their lives will find the Pevensie children back in Narnia again and must find that 1000 years now - in Narnia time expected - and have passed since their last visit a lot has changed.

The magical beings as fauns and talking animals of King Miraz and his Telmarern to Narnia years ago have attacked, suppressed and are almost extinct.

The four children who are slow her memories of her time as kings and queens of Narnia recover again stand before an incredible adventure spectacular, which this time is on the side of the rightful heir to the throne Prince Kaspian wondrous and some mythical creatures of Narnia to the tyranny exempt.

The second trip to Narnia sets its focus on great action scenes and less on the magic of the country as in the magical predecessor. The sometimes brutal battle scenes are enormous and must be behind similar productions no hiding.

While there are many victims there, the action still remains quite bloodless, which this time a far more mixed impression. The visual effects have become more complex and perfect, and the animated animals are incredibly real. The magnificent scenery, costumes and other buildings to do it for real Narnia appear to be. At the expense of the perfect look, however, act and figure drawing.

The story leaves little depth and the characters are not much more than keyword donors to make the story as fast-paced progress and the next action scene in a boost.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Eli Stone: Drama, funny and touching

If you think that you are on the right track ...You're changing the lives of the direction.

Eli Stone watched an endless song by George Michael on, only he can hear, he is on a busy street in San Francisco from a biplane from the First World War in Nosedive bombed and sees a fire-breathing dragon in front of his office window.

There could be only two possible explanations: hallucinations, from a potentially fatal aneurysm in the brain, or the possibility that something larger is at work. He could be a prophet, with the mission to save the world.

The series "Eli Stone" just before the bursting of good ideas. The scripts are intelligent and imaginative and the entire series is waiting again and again with new surprises. Jonny Lee Miller plays the title hero so well that it simply must be close to the heart, but also the supporting roles in the TV production großartig occupied.

The implementation of Elis Visions is highly imaginative and offers good visual effects. Also, the frequent musical scenes on George Michael songs are based, are staged stirring. Drama, funny, touching and bizarre - "Eli Stone" is simply 1A series entertainment!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Kill Me: An ill killer on alcohol withdrawal ...

The role of alcohol sick killers Sir Ben Kingsley embodies like no other. Knallhart shot his victim and knows no mercy. The course is in stark contrast to his alcohol disease.

These stereotypes can Kingsley person with a tough, eloquent facial expressions reduced to stage. It is believed it simple.

The problems arising from Franks resulting absurdities give the film its soul, its sense of humor. For example, when Frank at a meeting of alcoholics anonymous disclosed what he earned his living. But Tea Leoni is your role and power of life and ensures that the pace of releases. "You kill me" also offers with additional roles of Luke Wilson and Bill Pullman an accurate sense of the word safe occupation.

And it comes in the film: Frank (Sir Ben Kingsley) is a gangster, a Mafia killer and contract killers. Would not his drinking problem, he would have with this kind of earning money no problems. But unfortunately he caught verschläft an important contract killings. And is worthy of his family from Buffalo to San Francisco skillfully - to the anonymous alcoholics! His new job: beautician corpse in a funeral home. But when he toughen Laurel (Tea Leoni) met Franks life is completely turned upside down ...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mamma Mia: Turbulent wedding with charm

Donna is single mother and lives with his daughter Sophie on a small island in Greece. The wish to marry - but who should lead them to the altar because her father does not know.

One day she found rummaging in the diary her mother revealed that three men in question, her biological father to be. Ado she invites her lover, the former wife Mama wedding, to finally learn the truth. A mother, a daughter, three possible fathers and an unforgettable wedding!

With all the advantages that a movie can offer, the stage musical by the highly successful on celluloid relocated. Sangesfreudige play and leading actor, the picturesque landscapes dancing and sparkling gags make the charm of Philippa Lloyds plant.

The romantic story of course holds little surprises, but a lot of common good mood, and provides the backdrop for holiday mood.

In addition to the outstanding young actors Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper, the best friends of Donna (Julie Walters and Christine Baranski) on the line as a team unlikely to convince, but of course, there are Streep and her three men who shine and regularly provide for laughs . Tip: necessarily the guy still stay tuned!

Balls of Fury: Martial Arts with ping-pong rackets

The completely burned out ex-table tennis champion Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) remains only with silly show appearances on water when he was by the FBI for an undercover operation will be recruited.

He is the criminal organization of the feudal Pingpongschurken Feng (Christopher Walken) infiltrate by endorsing Match for match ever at the forefront herankämpft. 20 years after his bitter defeat Olympia and the resulting death of his father, it is Randy's big chance, at last from his miserable existence and to free the murderers of his father to make.

He is trained by the blind Master Wong (James Hong) and his extremely charming daughter Maggie (Maggie Q) before he turns into a wild, murderous Table Tennis Tournament crashes.

"Balls of Fury" is a wacky comedy with a lot of nonsense and beautiful shrill trash character. The Martial Arts Table Tennis matches are funny and rapidly made. Although not every gag ignites, there is still enough left to smile. A highlight is Christopher Walken as a ping-pong exalted gangsters.